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RGB RF touch controller dimmer for strip and module

RGB RF touch controller dimmer for strip and module

RGB RF touch controller dimmer for strip and module

RF and Touch

Work with RGB LED strip and module

Easy connection and use

Black and white touch dimmer available

Color ring, can choose any color wanted


1. Input voltage: DC12-24V

2. Output voltage: DC12-24V

3. Output: 3 channels

4. Emit/receive frequency: 433.92MHz

5. Receive distance: 15-20M

6. Controller dimension: L85*W65*H25 mm

7. Remote dimmer dimension: L114*W56*H22 mm

8. Packing size: L156*W126*H26 mm

9. Net weight: 152g

10. Gross weight: 205g

11. Mode: 22 modes

12. Static power consumption: <0.5W

13. Max output current: 6A each color/channel

14. Connecting mode: Common anode

15. Output power: 12V: <144W, 24V: <288W

16. Working temperature: -20-60 degrees






Power on / change modes after power on

Enter sleep mode automatically after 20 sec stand by, press on button to wake up

22 modes in total


Power off


Color Ring

Can choose any color wanted

Will change to ring color mode under any other modes by touching the ring

Color/Speed +

Color/Speed Increase

Change color under color ring mode

Change speed under dynamic modes

Color/Speed -

Color/Speed Decrease

Brightness +

Brightness up

Work under all modes

Brightness -

Brightness down



- Must not make the controller over loaded.

- Must following the wiring instruction.

- Make sure all wiring is correct before power on, otherwise controller and lamps will be damaged.

- Avoid moisture, direct sunshine or high temperature environment



- Color ring operation has prior to other operations, when two or more bottoms are touched, dimmer will execute the one with largest area touched or regard it as invalid instruction.

- Touch dimmer will enter sleep mode automatically after 20 seconds’ stand by or no operation, press ON button to wake up. This function is for power saving.


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